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last supper with black men
Jesus holding a man
last supper with black men
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Religious Art - 2
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Loveless has a wonderful talent of creating an original painting.  He has been a blessing to so many families across the world, providing historical heirlooms for you to cherish for many years to come.  

You can purchase Holy Spirit (right) for your collection of Loveless artwork.. 
Loveless brings you inspirational artwork to your home or office.

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Artist, James Loveless, Jr.
HomeLove ArtReligiousFamilyMusicJames LovelessFigurinesPortraitsWestern ArtWAK

Please Note:  Framing price includes print, glass and matting.
Mold Me, Make Me
by Aaron Hicks
Open Edition 
16" X 20" - print - $45.00
20” X 24” - wood frame: $294.00

print or framed
Alan and Aaron Hicks are identical twin brothers from Chicago, Illinois, sharing the same facial features and unique art talent as well. Since the age of eight, the twins shared an intense desire to express their creativity through drawing. Over time, what began as a journey of self-expression through art became an awesome passion to capture "life" with whatever media God placed in their hands. 

Today, they continue to stretch themselves as artists and consistently strive for Godly perfection in their work. Their spiritual and family oriented motifs have been exhibited throughout the country and in numerous publications, such as Ebony, Jet, and Upscale Magazine. Loveless Galleries is honored to display and sell the creative art of the Hicks Brothers, who just happen to be twins!  

Below please click to enlarge the print and click the titles to purchase more prints by the fabulous Hicks Twins.

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Second Service
by Henry Battle
Open Edition 
Print: 20” X 32” - $45.00
Framed: 24" X 36" - $294.00

print or framed
Crowns of Glory:
 Grace, Mercy & Peace
by Henry Battle
Open Edition
Print: 32" X 20" - $45.00
Framed: 36” X 24” - $294.00

print or framed
Blessed and Highly Favored
by Henry Battle
Open Edition 
34" X 20" - print - $45.00
36” X 24” - framed - $294.00

print or framed
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My Cup Runneth Over
by Annie Lee
Open Edition Print
20” X 24” - print: $60.00
24" X 28" - wood frame: $340.00

Print or Framed
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When you purchase your  prints framed, it makes is really easy to enjoy your prints.  All you have to do when you receive your artwork, is hang it on the wall!  Now how easy is that?
Holy Spirit
by James Loveless, Jr.
Limited Edition/850 
Canvas Giclee
Signed & Numbered
22" X 28" - giclee': $350
22" X 28" - wood frame: $575
Giclee' or Framed
Print by James Loveless Jr.