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Portrait Procedures
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Portrait Questionnaire
This allows me to know exactly what you want

by artist: James Loveless Jr. 
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I offer several different kinds of portraits to fit your budget. The deluxe quality portrait is an oil on canvas at the standard head and shoulder and the size is 22” x 28”. The midrange portrait is a sepia colored oil portrait on canvas. The third option is a black and white charcoal portrait on paper. Three quarter portrait sizes from the top of the head to the knees and full figure portraits are extra. 

If you have any questions about how to complete the questionnaire form, pay your deposit or submit your photographs, please call: 817-841-7625.

The cost and size of the portrait depends on the number of people and the detail involved in painting the background. Design concept of the portrait is at the final discretion of the artist. Time frame for completion, framing and shipping is based upon the time you pay your deposit to reserve your portrait on my calendar. 
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Would you like a specific background in your portrait?  Some samples would include flowers, clouds, etc.
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Will  you be able to send us high resolution photographs using DropBox.  Photos should be 1200-2000 in size.
Don't wait to purchase the portrait you've dreamed of!  Call Loveless Galleries at: 817-841-7625 and ask for Yvette.
I want to encourage you to think outside the box and when you want an original gift for you or a loved-one, consider having an original oil painted.  

Please enjoy this three minute video of the process to owning your own original portrait.

A portrait can be an exciting presentation for your pastor and his wife for the church anniversary or a wonderful gift for the family!

Please complete the portrait questionnaire and select the type of portrait you prefer based on your income! 



28" x 22"

Each additional person is extra



28" x 22"

Each additional person is extra



28" x 22"

Each additional person is extra

Portrait Type
Standard Size
22" x 28"
Balance Amount

Shipping Amount
Color Portrait
Oil on Canvas

Sepia Portrait
Oil on Canvas

Rolled Canvas

Rolled Paper

Black & White
Charcoal on Paper

Rolled Canvas

*Each additional person added to portrait is extra. Additional price for detailed backgrounds and portraits that are a surprise gift. We need to know the due date of your portrait so we know when to confirm your deposit and receive your photographs to complete your portrait in time. 

Shipping prices shown are for addresses in the Continental USA. Extra shipping for Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico and other countries.
16" X 20" This oil painting was a gift to my eldest son. My daughter, Tammy posed a photograph of her niece by placing a boa around her. When I saw the photo, I was inspired to paint her.

This 16" X 20" color portrait on canvas with one person starts at $1000. 

To make a deposit for a portrait similar to Pretty Baby, you can make a deposit for $400.
30" X 30" This painting was the concept of a proud grandmother. These three girls are the youngest of eight grandchildren. This oil painting was commissioned by Sam and Royette Hance and remains in their collection. This oil painting on canvas is with three children and living room background scene starts at $2000.

​To make a deposit for a portrait similar to Afternoon Tea, you can make a deposit for $400.​
24" X 30" This couple met in Japan and afterwards got married here in the U.S. We thought it would be a unique idea to depict the couple with cherry blossoms on their wedding day. This oil painting was presented as a surprise to her husband. Her hard-working military husband never knew the portrait was being painted. This 24" X 30" oil painting is on canvas with two people and a background of cherry blossoms starts at $2500. 

To make a deposit for a portrait similar to Cherry Blossom, you can make a deposit for $400.​
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20" X 16" This is an example of a sepia colored portrait on canvas and they are less expensive than the deluxe full color portrait. This was the couple's very first baby and baby Harper had her own way of controlling sleep time for the household. This small 20" X 16" portrait with three people and no background starts at $1300.

To make a deposit for a portrait similar to Harper's Family, you can make a deposit for $300.​
22" X 28" This portrait was commissioned by my brother-in-law, Stevie. He wanted to show his gregarious father in a happy positive light. The family appreciates their patriarch even more as the years pass.  

This is a 22" X 28" size oil painting on canvas with one person with no background starts at $1000.

To make a deposit for a portrait similar to Elton, you can make a deposit for$400.
16" X 20" This is an example of a black and white/charcoal on paper portrait. We got an opportunity to meet this gentleman and he had an interesting face. He wasn't confident that he wanted to be in a portrait, but I had to paint it. 

To make a deposit for a portrait similar to Keith, you can make a deposit for$200.
Pretty Baby (Color)
Afternoon Tea (Color)
Cherry Blossom (Color)
Harper's Family (Color)
Elton (Color)
Keith (Black & White)
Sample Portraits from Pleased Clients
36" X 24" This beautiful oil painting is of four generations including the great grandmother, mother, daughter and granddaughter.  This portrait makes a great family heirloom for generations to come.  

For an additional fee, we can create giclee's of  your original  for you to frame and share with other members of your family as gifts.

This 36" X 24" color portrait on canvas with four people and a detailed background starts at $1800. 

To make a deposit for a portrait similar to Four Roses you can make a deposit for $400.
Four Roses (Color)