Merchant Policies
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If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase, contact us by telephone (no email notifications for returns is accepted) and inform us of why you are not satisfied with your product(s).  If there is no damage to your purchase and funds have been collected, you will not receive a refund.  If the item is damaged, you must return the item within five  (5) work days in its original packaging and there should be no damage to the products(s).  You will be responsible for the shipping fees for the return of the items.   There are no refunds on open or limited edition prints, portraits, deposits for portraits, custom framing, calendars, statues, canvas transfers, bible covers, tapestries and/or throws. All sales are final.  If you find a print somewhere else that is cheaper and you have placed your order, the order is still final.  Prices are subject to change without notice.  If you purchase a limited edition and the price is higher, you will be informed of the price change and are expected to pay the difference via your credit card. Always call Loveless Galleries first before making a purchase to make sure of the price and availability; especially to limited editions and statues.  All exchanges not returned within 7 days -- the sale is final. If a framed presentation sample is not available, you will receive your artwork in something comparable in looks and price.

Confidentiality:  This is a secure website, we do not sell or give your personal information to anyone.  We use PayPal to collect funds for the purchases you make at this site.  We DO NOT ever see your credit card information and therefore your financial information is kept confidential.  

Loveless Galleries goes the extra mile to carefully package and ship every item. Our delivery policy means that we will choose the best available carrier in your area to deliver your order.

* Orders going to Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, U.S. Possessions, Canada, APO or FPO addresses are always shipped by air.

 * We ship most items through the United States Postal Service, and they will be delivered with your regular mail. Some items may be shipped via United Parcel Service, Federal Express or other independent carriers.

* When your order ships, you will receive a shipping confirmation via e-mail. This will contain tracking information for your order.  Please note, some carriers do not provide Loveless Galleries with tracking information, but we will inform you that your payment has been received.

*If products are not available at the time of your purchase, we will notify you of delays in shipping.

UPS does not ship glass; therefore Federal Express will be the courier for framed art.  To ensure safety of your framed art, we use plexi-glass.  On the back of your framed art, instructions will be posted as to how to care for plexi-glass.

*Please inform us if you want your orders left at the door when they are shipped.  If you do not indicate where your prints should be left after shipping, we will request our courier to obtain a signature so your art is not left unattended if you are not home when it is delivered.  

*You may also opt to have your deliveries shipped to your place of employment or a friend or relative that will be available to sign and accept your shipment.  Please send a separate e-mail for this specification or when you check out, include alternate shipping address at PayPal shopping cart (Special Shipping Specifications) section.

* We'll notify you if additional charges are required for deliveries outside the Continental United States.  You may also be required to pay duty or taxes in those destinations.

* Some items that are ordered together may ship separately which means you will be contacted to add additional shipping for the other items.  Sometimes, purchases come from separate vendors which will require separate shipping fees.  You will be contacted if this applies and a contact number is required with all purchases for this reason.

International Shipping Fees: There will be an additional charge to what was paid when your order was placed.  We will contact you via e-mail to inform you of the total shipping fees and will need you to give your credit or debit card information so you can be charged for the difference by telephone. If you have an APO address, please use that address when shipments are to be made outside of the Continental United States. 

When making all purchases, please indicate if the billing address is different from the shipping address.

If you questions have not been answered, please call: 817-841-7625.

Research Fees: There will be a research fee assessed for Loveless Galleries to find a print that you are seeking.  If we find the print, the small research fee of $10.00 will go toward the purchase of the print and if we cannot find it, the $10.00 will be on file for your next purchase.  You should contact Loveless Galleries and give your debit or credit card number for the $10.00 research fee and every attempt will be made to find the print you are looking for.  It also helps if you have the artist's name, the size of the print, and a description of how the print looks before requesting research.  Remember, if you cannot find what you are looking for, you can always mail or e-mail a photograph of the concept to Loveless Galleries and we can paint an original of that concept for you.  Please visit our portrait page for samples of our work.  Each concept is created on an individual basis, and the price will reflect the detail requested in your project.

Due to copyright laws, you cannot duplicate, use in programs, books or your website any art prints displayed at Loveless Galleries.  To use Loveless art, please email us a request and there will be a $40.00 per image use of Loveless art in your programs, books or your website.  We will email you a PayPal invoice to use the art prints of Loveless art. For one print, copy and paste this link into your browser and call with the name of the print:
Return Policy:
Shipping Policy:
Confidentiality Policy:
Copyright Policy:
"Buy Now" Bill Me Later - PayPal Payment Option:
Take advantage of the "Buy Now" Bill Me Later PayPal Payment option for items that cost $99.00 or more; open and limited edition prints, framed prints, statues and portraits. All sales are final for limited editions, framed art and portraits.

Items that feature PayPal shopping carts allow you to use the Bill Me Later link when you check out. You are able to make payment arrangements for up to six month with no interest. You will get your items quicker because we receive your total payment at the time of checkout. This is awesome because you don't have to have the total amount of the item at the time you check out. This process is much better than the layaway plan, where fees apply and you have to wait to pay the item off before you receive your purchase. You also do not lose your initial layaway payment, if you change the date for the deductions to be debited from your bank. 

Allow 4-6 weeks for completion of framed requests and 7-14 days for prints orders. If the print you ordered is not in stock, we will contact you with how long it will take before it is in stock and you will receive a tracking number when your prints are being shipped.

Loveless Galleries offers you exceptional service by contacting you to discuss the particular color frame and/or matting you prefer before your order is processed. Purchases can be made at our secure website or you can call to make your purchases on the phone by calling: 817-841-7625.  
In order to purchase prints framed, click on the drop menu and you will be able to purchase your prints framed. The first price reflects the print costs.  Pricing for wood and metal frames re separate.  Sometimes we offer different color frames; but is you prefer another color, just call us.  Please be advised that the total cost for the framed prints, includes the cost of the print, so you do not have to purchase the print price and the framed price separately.  Shipping fees and sales tax fees are calculated when you check out. When you phone in your orders; shipping fees and sales tax will be added manually.

Final framing pricing includes the print, matting, plexi-glass, frame, dust cover and wire, screws, hangers, labor, sales tax and shipping.  Your prints will be securely packaged so as not to cause breakage to the plexi-glass.  If your framed prints are broken during shipping, call us within ten days of receipt and call us.  Do NOT discard damaged goods.  We will call you and our courier will pick up the damaged goods and return them to us so that we can submit a claim for the damaged items.  We will replace damaged items, only after we receive them back from you.  

To determine the size of framed prints, add four inches on each dimension and that is the framing size. Generally, to frame a print can take from six to eight weeks.  If you need your artwork sooner, additional shipping fees will apply and we will contact you to pay for the shipping fees.

If you purchase a print unframed and then decide to have the print framed; just call us and we will deduct the cost of the print from the remaining price and you will pay the difference.  Shipping fees and sales tax will still apply for the final total.  

Lost Prints/Prints Not Received through Deliveries:  Please have someone available at the shipping address Monday through Friday between 9:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. to accept and sign for your artwork, framed artwork, etc. and on Saturdays between 9:00 a.m. and 130 p.m. If you do not receive your prints within the time frame discussed by Loveless Galleries, you should contact us by e-mail or telephone.  Our couriers are the United States Postal Service, UPS or FedEx.  If a print has not been delivered, we will contact our courier to find out where the print is.  You can also do the same by using the tracking number that is e-mailed to you when a shipment goes out.  Refunds are NOT given, for customers that do not make arrangements to pick their print up from the courier or have the courier to deliver the package at a time when you are available.  You may also want to have your items shipped to a relative, friend or your job to ensure you receive the package.  Refunds are NOT given for customers who who find it inconvenient to make arrangements to pick up their prints if they were not available at the shipping address.  See Refund Policy to confirm these procedures.  
Thank you,
James & Yvette Loveless
CEO & President 
Loveless Galleries
Limited Editions:
Loveless Galleries sells limited editions and many times the prices go up and are increased by our suppliers without notice to us.  If you purchase a limited edition at Loveless Galleries and we go to our supplier to purchase the artwork and the price has increased, you will receive a call to pay the difference.  If a limited edition print is purchased and you find out the print costs more, you will be notified and before the print is ordered, you will need to supply Loveless Galleries with a debit or credit card to pay the difference. 
How to Clean Plexi-Glass on Your Framed Prints:
Artwork will not be framed in glass to ensure it arrives to you safely. These are the procedures to care for acrylic glazing (also referred to as plexi-glass):

Never use Windex with ammonia or paper towels on this clear surface. The ammonia in Windex will eventually cover your artwork with a dull white haze. The fibers in the paper towels will scratch the plexi-glass. Always use Detailer’s Pro Series Plex-All or a plastic cleaner/polish and a microfiber towel. Both of these products can be easily found at your local automotive parts store or hardware store. Most of these cleaner/polishers reduce glare, leave an anti-static, crystal clear polymer that blocks out ultra-violet rays. Just spray it on and wipe dry.

1.Hold the can about twelve inches from the surface and spray a fine mist. 
2.Use a microfiber towel to wipe Detailer’s Pro Series Plex-All or another plastic cleaner/polish over the surface.
3.Flip the towel and buff the surface dry.

How to care for your frame and artwork:
Please check behind your frame every six month for dampness. Moisture will degrade your artwork quickly. Never hang your artwork above heating or cooling vents; the temperature will affect the colors in your artwork. Be careful of hanging your artwork where it will receive direct sunlight, over time this will turn the colors in your art and matting a lighter color. Mats should be replaced every five years to insure the proper distance is maintained between your artwork and outside the frame. If you are unable to cut mats yourself, please take your artwork to a professional framer. This step will save you a lot of heartache and enable you to enjoy your artwork for many years to come. Thanks again for your purchase of artwork from Loveless Galleries. For further questions about the care of your artwork, please contact a certified art restorer.  Conservation framing for limited editions cost more and additional fees apply for ultra violet glass and acid free mats.  If you have questions about our layaway plan, cleaning plexi-glass or framing options, call us now.
Layaway Payment Plan:
Loveless Galleries understands that there may be difficulties paying for limited editions and when the framing costs are added to these prices, it can be a bit much. Fear not, we have a solution for you; Loveless Layaway Payment Option.” The process is easy, for limited editions, there is a non-refundable deposit and that initial payment begins the process. The customer and Loveless Galleries makes an agreement as to the dates when the debits are to be completed. Customers are to adhere to this agreement and the dates are not to be changed. Payments are to be made one-two two weeks between each payment. In the case of limited editions, if the customer still does not comply with the payment schedules, the customer will lose the non-refundable deposit. For open edition prints, the customer can change their payment date with a $20.00 service fee. For customers that do not comply to their payment schedules, initial deposits are lost.

The customer's project will begin once the full layaway payments are completed.  Receipts will be forwarded to the customer after each payment with the balance due. The date for the next payment will be discussed with the customer by Loveless Galleries and when the next payment is made, that date will be on the next receipt.

The “Buy” Now” Bill Me Later PayPal Payment Option. Customers can now have their items paid for in advance by PayPal, and the customer can make payment arrangements up to six months before interest fees are added. With this new plan, customers do not have to pay the total amount due on their orders and will be able to receive their requests before they are totally paid for.  

For more information on the new “Buy Now” – Bill Me Later PayPal Payment Option, see information below.
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